Week 4: Websites of the Day

Thursday, September 20, 2012
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I loved Larry Ferlazzo’s site Websites of the Day because ESL is also my area of concentration. In his post “Using games in the ELL Classroom Pt 1” there is a link to his article on Education Week Teacher (another great resource!). I loved the suggestions from this article. The introduction was very interesting and catchy and made me want to read on. Furthermore, it brought up a good suggestion: make kids learn without them realizing that they’re learning! I loved the details and criteria for quality educational games! This article series talks about many activities to incorporate into the ESL classroom (or any classroom actually) that will help you to evaluate and assess students while you go. Another important aspect I liked in these game suggestions were all the interactive, encouraging activities.

As ESL teachers, we should be concerned with lowering students’ affective filter in order to switch on their language acquisition devices!

Basically what that last statement means (in a way that can be applied to all students) is that it’s important to keep all students engaged and participating. In order to do that they must feel safe and valued by the teacher and their peers. This in turn raises self confidence in the student and makes them participate more.

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